Tribute Letter to a Great Man, H.E. Bretton G. Sciaroni

Tribute Letter to a Great Man, H.E. Bretton G. Sciaroni

CWEA is expressing our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of H.E. Bretton G. Sciaroni, Advisor to the Royal Government of Cambodia, and co-chair of the National Private Working Group on Law, Tax, and Governance for Government Private Sector Forum. His absence is a big lost to all his family and friends, and also in Cambodia.

CWEA is deeply saddened to hear about the death of the big man behind the economic progress of polices developed in support to the international business community, private companies and promoted the foreign investment.

We had witnessed his contribution and commitment on so many business regulations and policies that been drafted. We saw his “visible support’ in participating on the meetings with different Ministries and working group discussions on the National Private Working Group Forum and networking events. His leadership had led to hear the voices of “women entrepreneurs”. This tribute letter is dedicated to a man called Giant of the Corporate World. We had witness on how he put his passion and dedication and put his heart to Cambodia. His contribution to the International Business Community had economically uplifted the economic situation of Cambodia. We are sharing the grief for his loss as we also lost a great man who is helping the business world. We are highly appreciating those opportunities of having the chance to know him and work with him at the Government Private Sector Forum (G-PSF). We are highly respecting and acknowledging his skills in taking a lead for the policy improvements. We are highly respecting and acknowledging his intelligence, skills and dedication to his role and task. He is truly Cambodian by heart. H.E. Bretton G. Sciaroni is the “Father of international business and private business community”

His contribution to business community is something we will all remember, and appreciate.

On behalf of CWEA Boards, Committees, Members and Managements & Staffs, we are expressing our deepest Sympathy to the bereaved family, friends, colleagues and Cambodians on business community for losing a great man supporting the private sector.

LCT. Dr. Eng Lykuong

CWEA, President

Cambodia Women Entrepreneur’s Association