Success Story Ms. Pen Minear, CWEA focal leader in Battambang and a valuable pride of her family

Miss Pen Minear, CWEA focal leader in Battambang and a valuable pride of her family.

Miss Minear Pen, born in the year 1990, used to be a shy girl and introvert person, and don’t like to talk to people, is running a business at a very young age before she joined CWEA. She borrowed money from the bank to run her “White Garlic Food Catering” and due to COVID Pandemic, with no sales for almost two years, and just facing expenses, paying salaries of staff and others, she has no choice but to close down the business as it was a huge challenge for her to continue when business model is food packs and food catering, when parties and gathering were not allowed.

She joined CWEA to increase her visibility, help her build her confidence and establish her networking, build new business friends, enhance her interpersonal skill and build her leadership skills. Minear actively participated in the CWEA committees and events until earn the confidence and leadership.

cwea “strong Networking Strategic Platform” for members is mixing the “Successful Business Women” with “Young Women Entrepreneurs (YWEs)” to speed up and accelerate YWEs learning process, enhance YWE visibility and strengthen their inner confidence. The platform offers sharing of experiences, participating in forums, speaking out in the forum to share ideas, Listening and learning challenges and the failures from their business IDOLS.  These experiences is one of the key that motivated Minear to “Move Forward” , as “No pain, No gain”.



With the constant mentorship from CWEA, she built a restaurant in Battambang under her family’s identity. “Myth Story” about her great grandmother was used to be a chef in the Palace during the old days. She named the restaurant after her Father, who was popular in serving the country during his younger days.  Minear restaurant business is gaining its popularity, increases her profit by 50%, and her current salary was doubled. She is providing a job to 12 people. Due to its public response, Minear will soon open another restaurant in Battambang, and will hire additional 8 people.  The new business model is now enabling her to pay the bank loan and happy to expand to different locations.

Minear is a pride of her family and CWEA. She is an inspiration to women YWEs as a business leader.  She is also a focal leader of CWEA in Battambang CWEA Chapter. Her new strength and courage was developed from the support of CWEA, through CWEA workshops & events she had participated, forums & conferences where she had chances sitting with high government officials, and CWEA build her capacity through informal mentorship. She had developed from a timid personality to a confident leader that she may not learn from school, her own family and common friends.