Bridging worlds for inclusive innovation from 12 CWEA members



12-14 September 2018, Singapore—Women’s Forum Singapore brought the world for inclusive innovation among ASEAN countries make up the world’s seventh-largest economy, and include some of the fastest growing economies in the world. While, there were having 12 potential Cambodian businesswomen from CWEA (Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association) to explore best practices, action-oriented vision, and gender-based analysis of issues.


During 2 full days forum at Raffles City Convention Center, it convened CWEA team member to express a clear on four pillars that have been raised below:

1.   Shaping Lives and Leadership through Innovation that are shaping the ways we are confronted with today on communication, traveling, and work. While, innovative systems, tools, and thinking are essential for organizational health and future viability.

2.   Embracing Diversity for Inclusive Prosperity, is a diversity increasing creativity and innovation, promotes high-quality decisions and empowers economic growth. An inclusive culture helps employees feel comfortable being authentic at work.

3.   Driving towards Equality and Empowerment, wanna promote women leading in their each organization for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.

4.   Creating the Conditions for Resilience and Stability, have a high intrapersonal and interpersonal skills like empathy and communication to sustain organization growth, and thrive towards innovative paths.


By “a word is nothing without an action”, all participants CWEA members believe in standing up for all forms of equality. Being able to spread the energy and power to all the powerful women out there, and being able to contribute to our organization or company the opportunity for them to be promoted and be in the executive level, is very crucial and is a must. At last, they believe Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association (CWEA) where is a powerful place for us to spread the spirit and be an instrument of service. Together, everyone achieves more!!!!